Xi’an shut down illegal water park has sent three stop notification

The Hawaii Water Kingdom, which claims to invest 2 billion, has failed to file for the record the Chang’an District Development and Reform Commission in Xi’an where it is located, nor did it handle land use, planning and EIA procedures.

Xi’an Chang’an District Development and Reform Commission official told reporters that this is a “black project.” How can a “black project” with incomplete formalities be opened and opened up under the eyes of the local government? With this question, the reporter launched an investigation. The land occupied by “Kingdom of Water” is the basic farmland of Si Po Village In Si Po Village, near the water kingdom of Hawaii, some villagers quietly told the China Commercial Daily that land occupied by the Hawaii Kingdom of Water was formerly the basic farmland of their villagers, To occupy the form of piece rental, and then collectively rent.

“First rented to a private school, and later private schools moved away, and rented the Northeast to start the current project.” According to the villagers introduced per acre to receive compensation of 1,200 yuan per year. Reporter removed contact with the villagers said private schools – Xi’an (Hong Kong) Radio, Film and Television Institute. Ji Qin, president of the Institute, told China Business Daily that the land was externally claimed as construction land. The actual nature is the basic farmland of villagers in Sipo Village. Ji Qin to China Commercial Daily reporters presented by Xi’an (Hong Kong) Radio, Film and Television Institute in June 2005 and Temple slope village committee signed a “lease agreement”, when the village and the town were told Ji Qin that the land belongs to the construction Land.

However, in December 2006, Chang’an Branch of Xi’an Municipal Bureau of Land and Resources sent him a decision of land administration penalty that he “builds a new school building without approval of occupation of basic farmland and demanded that he dismantle all construction facilities and restore the original status of the land on the 15th , And pay a fine of 123.1 million yuan. Hand holding the Lands Bureau of the administrative penalty instruments, Ji Qin suddenly lost. He came up with his “lease agreement” signed with Si Po Tsuen, but law enforcement officials told him that the land attributes were determined by the land department and everything else was useless. Soon, the college had to move to school for a variety of reasons. At that time, someone told Ji Qin that this project will be engaged in a water recreation.

“A considerable part of this water park equipment is my school building that year.” Ji Qin said. At the same time that the college moved away from Du Qu, Ji Qin began to “petition” for this matter so far. He did not understand: Since it is a basic farmland, why do I run schools illegitimate, and others engage in water parks on the law? Three times to send “stop notice” did not stop the water kingdom opened Chang’an District Du Qu streets office party workers deputy secretary surnamed Kong to China Business Daily reporter said that as far as she knows, the main problem of the Hawaii Water Kingdom project is incomplete, Many procedures are handled while starting construction.

Deputy Secretary Kong said that as the project was reported by people during the construction period, the local land department ordered at least three times to suspend its work. The last time was the “notice of suspension” jointly delivered by the local land administration office and the street office. Why three “stop notice” did not stop living in Hawaii Kingdom of the Kingdom’s waterfront construction and opening of business? In response, Deputy Secretary Kong did not answer positively. An insider told China Business Daily that the three “stop notices” failed to stop the massive boom in Hawaii’s water kingdom, mainly because the project “always leads to talk.” According to the person in charge, according to the new regulations of the state, investment projects to settle down in one place, must first go to the local Development and Reform Commission for the record, Before handling land, planning, environmental protection, energy conservation and other formalities.

Water park equipment and materials – the difference between glass slide and inflatable slide

Water Park Slide is one of the most popular water park equipment, manufacturers have two kinds of slide material, one is a glass slide, the other is the inflatable slide. Often there will be customers asking about the difference between the two slides, then we have to in-depth analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of these two kinds of material slides to lift doubts about customers who want to invest in water park equipment to avoid unnecessary waste of material .

1. The difference from the material itself: FRP slide is mainly made of resin, plastic coating and other chemical materials made of adhesive, high cost! Inflatable slide is made of cheap PVC cloth hot system, low cost!

2. From the appearance of the difference: FRP slide gives the impression that the grade was significantly higher than the inflatable slide, in particular the inflatable slide after a period of time to repair it looks ugly.

3 feel the difference between the experience: FRP slide color bright and smooth flat surface, water park equipment and meat after the slide between the resistance is minimal, the speed of taxiing is also smooth. Inflatable slide due to its own material PCV surface roughness, sliding contact resistance, so the touch is poor.

4. The difference between glide path: FRP slides can be based on the venue and the preferences of investors, are free to adjust the height, left and right spiral, interspersed with free-gliding orbit. The inflatable slide only glides down straight, which is the biggest difference with the FRP custom slide, sliding monotonous!

5. The difference between the service life: the use of glass slide is generally about 10 years, proper maintenance can be used for a longer period of time. Inflatable slides can not withstand the repeated friction between the contact surface and the ground, it is easy to damage the leak, often take time to repair, to be exposed to the sun more easily lead to aging.

6. Installation differences: Because of its own glass fiber reinforced plastic slides, the need for reinforced concrete foundation with steel column support installation, taking into account durability and are not afraid of wind and rain. Inflatable slide hit a few temporary pier with a cable traction fixed, powerful wind shaking encountered. The above six basic coverage of the two material differences. Of course, choose what kind of material investors have the final say. If from the perspective of long-term investment has its own advantages.

Teach you to choose the formal qualified water park equipment manufacturers

With the continuous development of the national economy, the country’s strong support for the tourism industry, people’s demand for recreation is getting higher and higher, the rapid development of the water park industry, so more and more water park equipment manufacturers emerged. Water Park investors in the diversification of choice, but also brought trouble to investors.

Waterpark equipment manufacturers good and bad, how can we choose a formal qualified manufacturers?

1. Manufacturers credit qualification inquiry Understand a business rely on unsaid, you have to understand the basic information of a business, investors can visit the state enterprise credit information publicity system, check the water park equipment manufacturers is not a formal registration of the company, the manufacturer registration time And the registered capital can also be found. It is also important that these basic information can serve as a reference for judging whether an enterprise has a strength and whether the manufacturer belongs to the general taxpayer.

2. The strength of water park equipment manufacturers through the first step of the basic information inquiries, probably in the bottom of my heart, but whether manufacturers have the real production capacity, can not rely solely on the network to observe and understand. Some manufacturers only plagiarism brand manufacturers creative, its own R & D and design capabilities. If you do not have the core technical support, the quality of the products produced will you dare to use it? Therefore, when investors choose water park equipment manufacturers, the conditions for manufacturers to visit the field, you can confirm the strength of the manufacturer is true and reliable.

3. Enterprise after-sales service is perfect investment Waterpark, after-sales service is also an important part of ensuring investors can operate smoothly, if the operation process of water park equipment what problems, manufacturers shirk, then how investors peace of mind Operating? Therefore, in the field visit manufacturers, manufacturers need to understand the after-sales service is perfect, in order to protect their own interests.

Waterpark equipment skateboarding how to play

water park equipment, skateboarding also known as the simulator, through a special pressure system and nozzle to simulate the surface of the wave to form a thin layer of water flow from bottom to top reverse fast, skateboarding surfacing is a special waterproof soft Sexual material.

Skateboarding at first only as a subsidiary of surfing training and lovers simple experience. In the early 1990s, many board gurus combined the skill sets of other boards to redefine skateboarding, which led to its development as a cutting-edge sporting variety and skill. Skateboarding allows visitors to feel a steady stream of surfing pleasure, tourists slide from top to bottom, just like the wave of the waves toward the waves, so that visitors feel more comfortable enjoying the surfing pleasure like the sea.

Skateboarding to glide features, advocating freedom of movement, experience and create the feeling of gravity, to bring the joy of success and creation. Skateboarding is different from the traditional sports, not rigidly adhere to the fixed mode, requires the free exercise of the imagination of the glider, in the process of creating, to creativity to exercise, emphasizing the freedom of mind and body, respected and natural integration of sports philosophy. Skateboarding is full of self-challenge, excitability and high-tech penetration beyond physical and mental limits.

The essence of man’s perfect human nature in sports and his return to nature has been fully re-emphasized. In the prosperous cities, there is a clear Qingliu extreme sports characteristic of returning to nature, melting himself in nature, challenging himself and reaching the ideological unity of man and nature. In Europe and the United States and other developing countries, to participate in extreme sports has become the most popular urban youth, the most lasting fashion, participation in extreme sports has become the dream of the vast number of metropolitan youth! Benefits of skateboarding Small footprint Wide demand for water sports Open waters, such as motor boats, windsurfing, wakeboarding, kiteboarding and more. Skateboarding is a water sport based on a skateboarding surfing simulator.

A standard fly wave dual-pump skateboarding surf simulator covers an area of ​​about 200 square meters, ancillary facilities cover an area of ​​not less than about 600 square meters. More convenient surfing Geography, climate, environment and other factors, which are more restricting more players to experience surfing; and skateboarding surfing is based on skateboarding surfing simulator generated by the form of exercise, players can at any time, place, climate Experience surfing. Safer fly wave skateboarding surf simulator is designed to maximize the protection of the experience.

Skateboarding A movement made on artificial waves. Compared to the ever-changing nature of ocean waves, skateboarding can artificially adjust the wave velocity and momentum to suit different levels of surfers.

Water Park equipment artificial waves of the basic principles

As soon as summer comes, the whole country is shrouded in a wide range of fields. One side is the raging sun, while the clear cool pool, which has become a summer time in a beautiful landscape.

The crowded pool of crowded scenes, as the temperature of the summer, soaring all the way. The sea is mysterious and desirable, beautiful beaches, choppy waves, the afternoon you can comfortably sunbathe. However, many inland friends can not enjoy it anytime and anywhere, so there is a sea-wave-like product in the waterpark. Artificial waves form a body in the sea experience. To surf the wave pool to become a kind of affection, romance, joy in one of the fashion sports, demand for investors is the market throughout the country set off waves of waves of construction boom. Artificial waves is always the most shining spot for aquatic amusement, swimming in the wave pool, giving people the pleasure of joining the sea, attracting tourists with sea feelings, it is a wonderful idea. Artificial wave pool is a multi-disciplinary comprehensive equipment engineering, which involves aerodynamics, wave mechanics, mechanics, electrical control systems and many other disciplines. Wave transfer is the process of diffusion and energy consumption, so the design is often high-wave area of ​​high-wave, small area, shallow wavy, large area.

Wave pool shape design is very important, good pool shape is conducive to the resonance wave, propagation and superimposition, and thus affect the shape of the wave; the same wave making equipment due to the different pool, creating the size of the waves are also larger The difference Here to tell you about this wave pool is how to form. water park equipment Equipment Co., Ltd. are generally advised to make waves to create waves made by customers. Simple structure, reliable, easy maintenance, pollution-free. Air wave equipment mainly air chamber, fan, valve mechanism, duct system or pressure accumulation, control system and other components. Water pressure wave principle steps:

1, the circulation system to fill the reservoir water level.

2, hydraulics room replenishment: electronic control system signals to the sluice gate lifting mechanism, the electric hoist opens the sluice gate mechanism, the reservoir begins to replenish the hydraulic chamber, the water level reaches the preselected water pressure level to control the measuring point Signal to make up the gate to lift agencies, electric hoist to close the water gate.

3, the release of water shut off water gate, the electronic control system to signal to the hydraulic release gate mechanism, the hydraulic cylinder system to open the release gate mechanism, 6-9 meters high water from the hydraulic chamber into the wave pool, forming a giant wave valley.

4, release the gate mechanism to open a few seconds after the system command gate mechanism closed.

5, repeated working conditions 2,3,4, forming the next wave.

6, change the frequency of each unit and the level of water pressure chamber, you can change the size and shape of the wave. There are many forms of waves, but taking into account the practicality, the size of the pool, and the decay of wave pool, generally take 2-4 kinds of waves is appropriate. Vacuum, hydraulic series of wave units (waves up to 2-3 meters).

Water Park facilities manufacturers water slide production requirements (Guangzhou Water Park manufacturers)

water park equipment facilities manufacturers usually use glass fiber reinforced plastic water slide production, and its production to comply with relevant national standards. On the one hand, the surface of the water slide should be smooth and crack-free, uniform color, the use of FRP should meet at least three requirements:

1, the resin should have good water resistance and aging resistance;

2, glass fiber should be non-alkali glass fiber, The fiber surface should have a good infiltration;

3, the thickness of the slide can not be less than 6mm, flange thickness not less than 9mm. On the other hand, the inner surface of the water slide does not allow the existence of small holes, wrinkles, bubbles, poor curing, poor impregnation, cracks, defects and other issues; back does not allow the existence of poor curing, poor impregnation, defects, burrs and other issues; Allowed to exist stratification, burrs and other issues.


  • sprial-slide-9.jpg


Also note that 600mm away from the visual observation of the water park facilities, can not clearly see the repair marks, scars, uneven color, cloth pattern, rugged, set and other issues. Customers in the choice of Waterpark Facilities Co., Ltd., should be selected in strict accordance with the national standard water slide water slide manufacturers. Guangzhou Blue Wave committed to the process of production and installation of water slides strict control to ensure the quality of water park slide safe and reliable, customers no worries!

There is a view that in the theme park entertainment complex, our local enterprises will eventually overcome the “exotic”, but need to have two conditions, one is the local Enterprises should quickly absorb the technology of foreign products, such as foreign rides design concepts; the other is that at present Chime-Long Resort, OCT Happy Valley and other such models to ensure that their own core spirit and philosophy is very important at the same time At every stage of development, it should also be suitable for the purchasing power of the Chinese people.

Experts call it “picking up,” and who can win the market by combining “China’s purchasing power” with “foreign technology.” Some economists pointed out that in view of our purchasing power level, we sell a garden for a foreigner to be a Disney or Universal Studios within the current purchasing power range, but it is definitely a risky move. Because judging this “purchasing power” is not directed at a single city, Disneyland is not a big deal in the short term for Universal Studios because its source revenue is high and its purchasing power is high in Beijing and Shanghai.

But for the entire Chinese market, the situation becomes difficult to judge. In the current economic situation, the mid-term operation of these exotic theme parks is also facing greater uncertainty. Theme park re-innovation process must be the localization process Insiders pointed out that even if the exotic theme park in China is not acclimatized, but there are problems in the “sustainability”, the current Disney in Japan, Hong Kong, China, also touch On such a difficulty.

Theme parks are a very obvious life-cycle product, and if you do not innovate, you may no longer be interested. Wei Xiang believes that the theme park to reinvent the process, it must be a process of localization. If it is always only the American set, there is no lasting vitality in the Chinese market. However, this localization of creativity and innovation requires local talent and local technology to keep up. This is a certain difficulty. There are some theme parks that are really scarce in terms of local updating.

Ceiling enterprises how to survive in the Internet and the integration of physical stores?

[] in recent years, many enterprises have begun to force Internet home improvement, O2O layout Jiezhuang industry. However, the transformation of the home industry to the Internet is still facing many problems, integrated ceiling enterprises want to share the soup, but also need to layout.
As we all know, there are many problems in traditional home improvement companies, such as confusion in the price system, asymmetric information, weak brand awareness, and even some of the services of the home improvement company seem to be cheap and good, but in fact they cut corners. In the “ Internet +” mode of guidance, home improvement industry has begun a lightweight, transparent, efficient exploration, in recent years, many enterprises have begun to force the Internet home improvement, layout Jiezhuang industry O2O. However, the transformation of the home industry to the Internet is also facing many problems, integrated ceiling enterprises want to share the soup, you need to carefully layout.
Home improvement industry to encounter difficulties in the Internet transformation
China’s home market capacity is large, but there is no leading enterprises, pure online or pure line, it is difficult to jiezhuang. “ home improvement is very important line of the industry, pure line is impossible to solve the Internet Jiezhuang, must do online and offline integration Jiezhuang platform. ” compared with other industries, to carry out the field of decoration O2O model is not simple, can the present entity with the Internet Internet Fu “ +” model may not be enough, because consumers buy Home Furnishing building materials are often used to go to the next line experience, then online purchase, they valued the experience, so the store online shopping links the essential.
“ offline store advantage is the temperature of experience and service, focusing on the professional level, more conducive to the shaping of brand loyalty, this is no substitute for the Internet; online platform is the advantage of a wealth of information and convenience, focusing on efficiency, this is the platform for the next line can not be compared. ” in the industry view, the Internet Jiezhuang to solve the problem is not “ go to entity ” but in the integration platform resources, improve efficiency, improve quality. “ Internet home improvement is to open up the path between consumers and decoration, to intermediary, stripping decoration company, the business crowdsourcing to the construction team, excluding the decoration of the opaque factors. &rdquo, Li Bin also said that all the core is based on solving user problems, solve the user problem, solve the supplier problem.
Integrated ceiling enterprises cautious layout
With the association data show that although last year Jiezhuang market reached 4 trillion scale, but in less than 1% Internet online, it can be seen that the Internet has a larger space decoration. Facing the new situation in the market, especially in the face of changes in consumer spending habits and ways of the traditional integrated ceiling enterprises must change the original channel dependence and understanding, to rethink their marketing channels and marketing mode, better play the role of Internet plus, have complementary advantages, mutual win-win results.
Insiders said that the integrated ceiling industry e-commerce, the layout of the Internet will face several barriers for home improvement: one is the integrated ceiling industry distribution system is complicated, the traditional channels and online channels to benefit segmentation; two is the integrated ceiling is selling high experience products, consumers are willing to go to the next line store experience; three is the price integration the ceiling is very high, single user will not easily online; four consumers buy integrated ceiling frequency is very low. In view of this, in the face of Internet home improvement, integrated ceiling enterprises have to be careful layout.
The personage inside course of study expects, the future middle-income group will gradually become the backbone of society, new “ quality consumption ” will also enter explosive growth, home improvement industry is expected to usher in a blue ocean. Integrated ceiling enterprises as soon as possible to enter or seize the opportunity, of course, must be vigilant, because they can not swim, and “ drowned ”.

Does not let the cost become the development burden ceiling enterprise optimization management way

[] ceiling market competition is the essence of brand competition, and brand strength of the competition is actually the competition of technology products, which after all is the accumulation of capital, “ no money to do business ” that is the truth. Now, looking at the current domestic ceiling enterprises, technology and equipment are constantly improving, and even comparable to the trend of international brands, but this is the result of the accumulation of primitive capital. Now the international market change multiterminal, China ceiling between enterprises in order to narrow the gap with international brands, or talent shows itself in the international market, it is necessary to make efforts to control costs, capital accumulation, so as to strengthen their own competitive hardware, better participate in international competition.
The essence of ceiling market competition is the strength of the brand competition, and brand strength of the competition is actually the competition of technology products, which after all is the accumulation of capital, “ no money to do business ” that is the truth. Now, looking at the current domestic ceiling enterprises, technology and equipment are constantly improving, and even comparable to the trend of international brands, but this is the result of the accumulation of primitive capital. Now the international market change multiterminal, China ceiling between enterprises in order to narrow the gap with international brands, or talent shows itself in the international market, it is necessary to make efforts to control costs, capital accumulation, so as to strengthen their own competitive hardware, better participate in international competition.

Enhance consumer experience or become the main trend of home development in the future

[] with the development of the society more quickly, for Home Furnishing enterprise, consumer experience more by their attention, in the current consumer channels increasingly diversified now, Home Furnishing brand store mode of operation is also quietly changed, with the main consumer experience stores are increasingly popular among consumers, then, can let consumers feel the store experience, experience, technology products experience the brand concept is feeling, Home Furnishing brand in the future development direction.
    new experience: the sale of &ldquo shop mode; life style ”
    a large vocabulary has become a hot topic in the industry. The big advantage is to have thousands or even thousands of square meters of area, in the larger area of the exhibition space, product type richer, more display space, the opening time is also more free. In an atmosphere similar to the actual living space, it is easier for people to have a warm and comfortable feeling, so that they can imitate the real life and produce the desire to do shopping.
    this year, similar to the big stores out of many. In January, a new Home Furnishing experience store in addition to expanding area, increasing product category, it is the introduction of virtual furniture and furniture replacement, virtual Home Furnishing DIY interactive wall technology interactive facilities for science and technology and art Home Furnishing combined experience to attract consumers.
    in August this year, Sibutramine Xiaoyun Road stores also transition to the first QuMei Home Furnishing you + living museum. Unlike most furniture stores, there are a lot of new things to live, including coffee, leisure, reading and so on. “We want to lead the new home experience Pavilion, lifestyle and lifestyle,” says Zhao Ruihai, chairman of &ldquo. ” begin to change the way consumers here to buy furniture, store options with different styles of life style, according to user habits, style preferences and lifestyle with soft decoration style, personalized product design Home Furnishing accessories etc. The 8 living museum upgrade to 8+N based on the way of life custom.
    new goal: community stores, deep into the market capillaries
    compared with the store is &ldquo &rdquo shop;. Small shops are not small, consumer groups in the increasingly clear characteristics of the market, enterprises have begun to have a purpose of opening out of the community stores, in-depth market. In September this year, at present, decorative tentacles into the community, launched “ artful home ” community service, to seize the home improvement “ last mile ”. To “ old house decoration expert ” characteristic of the current decoration, will “ Qiao Jia ” as a platform for in-depth communities. At present, the offline community shop has 30 official business, the same period is still decorated 20. The 50 outlets in the next three years will be an old community with three new community model, radiation 600 communities, to meet the two consumer decoration, old room decoration, local transformation and other requirements. And the general decoration store is different, these community shops not only renovated the old room, but also provide light bulbs, repair pipes and other simple maintenance services. &ldquo: skillfully installed ” the whole department has 5 major products; — — equipped with a smart box, smart replacement, clever installation, ingenious maintenance.
    storefront is the skeleton of an enterprise, regardless of form or size, it is to achieve the purpose of displaying images and achieving sales. Whether large or community stores, according to the demand and change the store form is to let consumers see the best products and services. In addition to product updates, technical means of support, but also to make the store service more attractive.

How to maintain the “small profits and quick turnover” status of the door and window industry?

[small profits] is the biggest trend of the traditional manufacturing industry, but once the advantage has become the present disadvantage. Under the constant reform of the door and window industry, what is the new growth power of the door and window industry?
    the market demand is less and less
    under the new economic norm, market demand, overcapacity has become a huge &ldquo Chinese manufacturing; ” a big mishap. When the demographic dividend which was once proud of gradually faded, the traditional manufacturing industry became more and more difficult, and the development of the door and window industry was also facing unprecedented challenges. With the improvement of living standards, consumer demand escalating, when the advantage has become a disadvantage, the doors and windows industry, the new growth momentum come from?
    small profits, turnover aura fade
    “ the puerile ” the traditional manufacturing industry as the representative of the path is gradually faded aura, have advantage into a disadvantage, no brand, strong similarity and low added value “ sequelae of ” the traditional manufacturing industry with the increasingly difficult. On the supply side of speed up structural reforms in the background, and enterprises should change their management thinking, increase the focus on talent, technology, knowledge, information, and other aspects of the brand investment, optimize the investment project and product structure, improve business efficiency. Relying on reform, transformation and innovation to enhance the growth rate of all factors, foster new growth points, and form new growth momentum.
    door and window industry transformation
    in addition, the doors and windows industry to make the greatest efforts to mobilize more social resources to cultivate new high-tech enterprises and well-known brands, to achieve a breakthrough, transformation and upgrading of the doors and windows industry; at the same time, we should vigorously develop the Internet and mobile Internet, intelligent manufacturing, to seize the international market competition, promote the industry supply side doors and windows the structural reform, improve the quality and efficiency of enterprise development, innovation and development, to upgrade &ldquo open doors and windows of small and medium-sized enterprise transformation; the new blue ocean ”.
    social resources
    finally, to promote the enterprise to manufacture and service and trade integration development, accelerate international cooperation capacity; respected window manufacturing new service concept, will be closely linked with the service, this is the new trend of the development of modern manufacturing industry. Instead, manufacturing service industry, is to take the asset light model to &ldquo ” smile curve; both ends of development, while the development side is selling brand marketing, research and development should be the integration of international advanced resources, sales also need to integrate social resources, so they can focus on the customer experience to achieve the ultimate.